The Life You Give: Rosa Parks *1913 / The Virtuous Black IV

Rosa Parks, born Rosa Louise McCauley, on February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Alabama, U.S.A., is the civil rights activist whose refusal to relinquish her seat on a public bus precipitated the 1955–56 Montgomery bus boycott in Alabama, which became the spark that ignited the civil rights movement in the United States.Born to parents James McCauley,… Continue reading The Life You Give: Rosa Parks *1913 / The Virtuous Black IV

The Life You Give: Felix Mendelssohn *1809

Felix Mendelssohn, born Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, on February 3 1809, in Hamburg, Germany, is, as composer, pianist, musical conductor, and teacher, one of the most-celebrated figures of the early Romantic period. In his music Mendelssohn largely observed Classical models and practices while initiating key aspects of Romanticism—the artistic movement that exalted feeling and the… Continue reading The Life You Give: Felix Mendelssohn *1809

Black History Month on Clubhouse

During the month of February, in addition to our regular programming. The Aristipposian Poet, and Opera, Blood, and Tears are celebrating Black History Month, by holding a room series entitled THE VIRTUOUS BLACK While there are always substantial reasons to protest unfairness, we intend to focus on celebrating twenty-eight individuals who, while being black, have… Continue reading Black History Month on Clubhouse

The Life You Give — Aretha Franklin *March 25 1942

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin, born Aretha Louise Franklin, on March 25 1942, in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A., is the singer who defined the golden age of soul music of the 1960s.Franklin’s mother, Barbara, was a gospel singer and pianist. Her father, C.L. Franklin, presided over the New Bethel Baptist Church of Detroit, Michigan, and was a minister of… Continue reading The Life You Give — Aretha Franklin *March 25 1942

“Black Man”

First man to dieFor the flag we now hold high [Crispus Attucks]Was a black manThe ground were we standWith the flag held in our handWas first the red man'sGuide of a shipOn the first Columbus trip [Pedro Alonzo Nino]Was a brown manThe railroads for trainsCame on tracking that was laidBy the yellow manWe pledge allegianceAll… Continue reading “Black Man”

The Virtuous Black II — Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is a beloved American icon and an indisputable genius not only with R&B but popular music in general. Blind virtually since birth, Wonder's heightened awareness of sound helped him create vibrant, colorful music teeming with life and ambition. Nearly everything he recorded bore the stamp of his sunny, joyous positivity; even when he… Continue reading The Virtuous Black II — Stevie Wonder