The Life You Give: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf *1915

Dame Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, born Dec. 9, 1915, in Jarotschin, near Posen, Germany, [now Poznań, Poland] was a soprano who performed in the major opera houses of the Western world and is remembered especially for her mastery of German songs known as lieder.Schwarzkopf studied at the Berlin High School for Music from 1934, winning various prizes.… Continue reading The Life You Give: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf *1915

“When the music’s over”

When the music's overWhen the music's over, yeahTurn out the lightsTurn out the lightsFor the music is your special friendDance on fire as it intendsMusic is your only friendUntil the endUntil the endCancel my subscription to the resurrectionSend my credentials to the house of detentionI got some friends insideThe face in the mirror won't stopThe… Continue reading “When the music’s over”

“Horse Latitudes”

Happy Birthday, Jim Morrison! —December8 1949 When the still sea conspires an armorAnd her sullen and aborted currentsBreed tiny monstersTrue sailing is deadAwkward instantAnd the first animal is jettisonedLegs furiously pumpingTheir stiff green gallopAnd heads bob upPoiseDelicatePauseConsentIn mute nostril agonyCarefully refinedAnd sealed over Written by Jim Morrison and John Paul Densmore