Happy Birthday, Alice Sarah Ott!

She was born on a day like today, in 1988. At a very early age, while listening to Japanese from her mother, and German from her father, she knew that the best language to communicate is music. After piano studies (her mother is a pianist), she began winning a variety of classical music piano competitions.… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Alice Sarah Ott!

“the usual rilke” by Ernst Jandl

Translation from the German by Joshua Weiner rilke’s separationthe unusual rilkeand the usual rilkeare stuck in their samenessthe unusual rilkeand the usual rilkewould have stayed togetherthe unusual rilkeand the usual rilkewould have to separatethe unusual rilkeand the usual rilkeboth knew it rilke’s breath 1rilkebreathedthe airthe good air 2rilkebreathedwithout pause rilke’s noseentrance and exitof the airit… Continue reading “the usual rilke” by Ernst Jandl