Wagner & Cigar

~Notes from this book on Richard Wagner — Wagnerism / Art and Politics in the shadow of music, by Alex Ross ~Listening to Jessye Norman, Plácido Domingo, and Kurt Moll in “Parsifal”, by Wagner ~The Royal Salomones from Davidoff

Even a long cigar will not outlast a Wagner

Royal Salomones, Davidoff of Geneva, and Wagnerism, by Alex Ross Just finished listening to Parsifal, Richard Wagner’s last opera. The cigar I celebrated with — the Salomones Royal from Davidoff — lasted three hours. The opera goes for 4:30 hours. A long double pleasure.

“Parsifal” premiered on this day of 1882

ACT I Near the sanctuary of the Holy Grail, the old knight Gurnemanz and two sentries wake and perform their morning prayers, while other knights prepare a bath for their ailing ruler Amfortas, who suffers from an incurable wound. Suddenly, Kundry—a mysterious, ageless woman who serves as the Grail’s messenger—appears. She has brought medicine for… Continue reading “Parsifal” premiered on this day of 1882