Remembering John Bonham

Before this day ends, on which I have been celebrating the birthday and life of the great mezzo-soprano Shirley Verrett (1931-2020), allow me to mention the exceptional drummer, John Henry Bonham This English rock drummer for Led Zeppelin, was born in Redditch, England, and continues to be valued as one of the most influential drummmers… Continue reading Remembering John Bonham

In Memory of Shirley Verrett — May 31 1931 / an Event

Shirley Verrett — the Intimate Black Callas, is a celebration of the unique Diva who was born ninety years ago today. Join a live conversation with her daughter, Francesca LoMonaco, and her nephew, Shaman Durek, as we share memories of one soul who transcended cultural barriers with her talent.

The Soul is unbound

Livingston Platt’s costume design for the ballet “The Dance in Place Congo” (1918), by Henry F. Gilbert (1868 – 1928) — Met Archives Ever since we have been traveling this globe, our exposure to the exotic or merely to the other (individual, culture, tradition, belief), has left us impressed, influenced, at least touched. Henry F.… Continue reading The Soul is unbound


A wonderful and beautiful friend, named Basma, has just responded to my question as to why I document things I do not know. Those flowers I photographed and posted minutes ago, are known as Japanese rose, seven-sisters rose, many-flowered rose, rambler rose. Botanically it is a Rosa multi-flora. The answer is therefore, I document what… Continue reading Answer