Erda to Wotan: “You know enough”

Some days there seems to be an alignment of stars within. The universe, planets, meteors, all are within. Breathing becomes a peaceful restlessness; beneath my cheeks, around its bones, a sensation resembles an ever so minimal flowing of drops of lemon; teeth as if about to grind; sometimes tears flow. For years I summed it… Continue reading Erda to Wotan: “You know enough”

Celebration Day — thirteen

A body in motion wants to maintain motionA body in rest wants to remain at rest Breathing mattersFood mattersThoughts matterWords matterFor the sake of motion, all matterIn acknowledgement and appreciation, mind and soul choose to maintain and promote joy, celebrating the breath of freshness we intrinsically are, the metaphysical beauty the palate reveals, the intellect… Continue reading Celebration Day — thirteen