Testing Detest — the inexplicable foe-to-friend metamorphosis

Friendship beds vary. A friendship may develop in a variety of ways and for various reasons, reaching different intensities. Some come subdued and ever so slowly, others are sudden shivering manifestations. While some are a smooth sail, others are tested and challenged for survival through time and situation. Generally, they all arise out of mutual… Continue reading Testing Detest — the inexplicable foe-to-friend metamorphosis

Words from the Opera — When horror breaks one heart, all hearts are broken

Balstrode:We’ll find him, maybe give a hand. Ellen:We have no power to help him now. Balstrode:We have the power. We have the power.In the black momentWhen your friend suffersUnearthly tormentWe cannot turn our backs.When horror breaks one heartAll hearts are broken. From the opera “Peter Grimes“ op. 33 (premiered 1945)Composer: Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)Librettist: Montagu SlaterFrom… Continue reading Words from the Opera — When horror breaks one heart, all hearts are broken

Love Ingrained — a non blended Risotto

Love and paradise! Those are desired states for body and soul wishing to live a fulfilled and satisfied life, free of challenges, free of doubt. At least it seems to be a common sentiment amongst humans. To me, such states imply other connotations: a refined focus, lively observation, widened attention, and heightened physical and cognitive… Continue reading Love Ingrained — a non blended Risotto