With Intent

To animal and noble alike, the more popular variation of this concept is its absence. Common is the equivocal deed, more than the unequivocal. “I’m sorry! That was not my intention” “You misunderstood me” “That is not what I meant” At the very beginning of this strange global state of pain, fright, insecurity. and seclusion,… Continue reading With Intent

The Twenty-first Century starts now

Two thousand twenty clearly told me that two thousand twenty-one will be a better year. If I add to that the intent vibrating within me, and the intent I clearly perceive around me in daily international conversations, awakened or boosted in Zoom meetings, and through Clubhouse participants, 2021 will be not just better, not merely… Continue reading The Twenty-first Century starts now

Existential Exercise I

Part one: In my teens I sat at the piano on a path of poplar trees, and felt confident in the assertion that no human, no swimming nor crawling nor flying creature dislikes music. As of that moment it was evident that whenever I compose sounds and words, it needs to be under the premise… Continue reading Existential Exercise I

chick peas, sesame seeds, fresh mint, olive oil, caraway, coriander, black pepper, fresh ginger root, cinnamon, walnut, lemon juice, wine vinegar, salt, salted lemon, pistachio, parsley, cinnamon, garlic, and rose petals

If you wish to accompany me in the composition of a very old-fashioned hummus, begin gathering the ingredients. I plan to prepare it during the first 2021 week.

Coffee in the Opera

MIMÌLet me look around.How wonderful it is here.I'll recover... I will...I feel life here again.You won't leave me ever... RODOLFOBeloved lips,you speak to me again. MUSETTAWhat is there in the house? MARCELLONothing. MUSETTANo coffee? No wine? MARCELLONothing. Poverty! SCHAUNARDShe'll be dead within half an hour! “La bohème” (1896)by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)Libretto by Luigi Illica, Giuseppe… Continue reading Coffee in the Opera

An alternative to fasting might be the raw

Red onions, avocado, rocket, tomato, cilantro, olive oil, garlic, pumpkin seed oil. Mental hunger trumps physical hunger; the joy of food intake trumps physical hunger; the offerings of nature ought to trump any overindulgence on subsiding hunger. It is the refined mind, and acquiring an appreciation for the culture of eating that elevate the individual… Continue reading An alternative to fasting might be the raw